In Nomine- Pyramid Scheme


Previously on In Nomine:

A tiny reliever in the form of a squirrel showed up to shield the basement temporarily while investigations could be conducted. A couple of field technicians of Lightning showed up (cue the Doctor Who theme) to poke and prod. When their initial tools proved ineffective, they shut their notebooks and brought in a specialist. Trevor, a more hands-on servitor of Lightning, managed to break the corporeal wires of the Relic for you. He was also more than happy to give the thing a good kick or two, and pointed out to the Seraph where an armory could be found.
When the corporeal wires were cut, some of you noticed ethereal wires connecting the Relic back to the outlets….

Jo took a trip to the Ethereal Realm (The Marches) in hopes of discovering its source on that Plane. That was a good idea but prooobbbaaabbbly not a very safe one, and so turned around when things started looking unpleasant and looked to Blandine’s elite servitors, the Menumin, for help in this matter.

You are all still in the basement, but you’re in the process of seeking assistance from a lot of important dudes and dudettes who know you’re dealing with some Bad Stuff™. Perhaps a solution can be made with their help before demonic reinforcements show up later this night.


gruesinthedark gruesinthedark

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