Artifacts, talismans, relics, and reliquaries are common knowledge in celestial society. Your Seraph carries one around with him all the time, after all. Artifacts and talismans usually provide their users with a little extra push, relics usually have Songs associated with them, and reliquaries can generate and store essence. Only certain celestials can create such items.

For our purposes, we’re concerned with ONE item in particular: the Demon Router

What you know about the Relic so far

-Looks like a grey and silver plastic router/ box thing.
-Resists being unplugged, and is sometimes plugged into outlets that are in unconventional places, like dirt or basement floors.
-Resist being destroyed.
-Can have Songs used on it; the party has seen it shielded, cloaked, etc.
-Picking it up to examine it usually ends up with some freaky stuff happening. Demons sent to use or guard the relic appear to be extremely reluctant to touch it.
-A series of LED lights are displayed along one side, with hieroglyphics underneath each light. You’ve seen the lights be solid green, blinking green, red, or turned off entirely.
-Seems to need a laptop to activate it. An EVIL laptop.
-Demon Prince Vapula is more than likely involved.
-Have you tried turning it off and then back on again?

Evil router of evil


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