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Our Story thus far…

Sherman, Texas

All of you were brought in to check out a distress call from a tiny tether to Novalis situated near the Oklahoma/Texas border, the Yellow Rose Floral Shop. Upon a quick look-around of the surrounding area, you all discovered an artifact in an abandoned rail yard. If the bunch of ne’er do wells guarding it didn’t tip you off, the fact that it says “Made in Tartarus” on the bottom side should (and does). You’ve determined it’s a relic.

After a night of fighting (or not fighting, depending on how close to the Mercurian you were standing at the time) you commandeered a tree hugging, dandelion-eating, crunchy granola Ofanite named Dee to drive you north to St. Joseph, Missouri, following very precise coordinates Jo (possessing a pasty technology demon) managed to wring out of their laptop.

St Joseph, Missouri

You tracked down another router in the Glore Psychiatric Museum, which you learned was currently a tether in limbo. A servitor of Destiny had mentioned keeping an eye on the museum to make sure it didn’t slip back into its former, much less educational and pleasant ways. The party also took the opportunity to (unintentionally?) harass the seneschal of a local tether to Marc over at the Pony Express.

The Relic gave everyone the run around, appearing, disappearing, and still being frustratingly uncooperative. Despite some serious demon smiting and a celestial chase across half the midwestern United States, midnight came too quickly and something clicked into place. After a fruitless search and some furious cleaning, you put a box over it and called it quits in Missouri, striking out east for…

Plainfield, Indiana

Plainfield, more like SNORESfield. It was difficult to see what anyone would want or care about in the tiny suburb of Indianapolis, but you kept at it and found yet another stubborn relic hiding in the basement of a downtown building.

With Jo masquerading as a Lilim (and one clearly in a management position), the party devised a plan to get the jump on whatever other poor schmuck showed up. Said schmuck slipped the nets the moment he sensed things were about to turn south for him and one can assume (yes) he immediately reported the incident (yes) and called for backup (yes yes yes). They will undoubtedly return before midnight arrives.

New updates will be posted over on the Adventure Log.

Main Page

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