In Nomine- Pyramid Scheme

Previously on In Nomine

Cue Benny Hill!

The party did what they could in town and then hit the road for west Indianapolis! Dominic dropped by the van to make sure Phos was doing an acceptable job in the field. Everyone spent the majority of their evening recuperating at a local tether to Laurence (a Chaplain school at a National Guard base). After unsuccessfully trying to get Laurence’s immediate attention, Phos and Remiel spent some time in the armory with tether worker, Timon, appreciating the fine arts of Knowing thine enemy and Stabbing thine enemy. Jo spent her (it? their?) time in the library brushing up on this and that. Mel chose to recline in a lovely batch of lilies. All good and well!

Midnight has come and gone.

The evening has passed peacefully where you all are, for the most part. No demonic armies showed up to fight you. The was some business with a green celestial woman in the basement, and a shadowed figure skulking around the tether grounds, and a moment when the DM forgot where the party’s van was located and tried to slash its tires but couldn’t, but nothing more.

We’ve left Jo to the books, Remiel is staked out at the edge of the woods awaiting something to smite, Phos is standing guard at the rear of the chaplain school, Mel’s body is hanging out in a landscaped garden with a scraggly cat, and Mel himself is waiting in the Menunim’s Chapel in hopes of speaking with the archangel Blandine ASAP.
It is roughly 3:30 in the morning.


gruesinthedark gruesinthedark

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